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Patron Edge: About Patron Edge

PatronEdge was founded over 10 years ago by long time mystery shopper Rich Ellington. The idea came to light when Rich realized three things: He was not happy with his job, he had to work to make money, and he used that "work money" to have fun. Something didn't feel right about that entire process.

His solution was simple. He came up with a concept of getting paid to have fun rather than work to get paid and then have fun with the money. His idea caught on quickly and he slowly grew the business. Everyone who became involved with PatronEdge did so because they wanted to, not because they needed to. They wanted to have fun and actually like what they do. When those 2 things are in place people work hard and do a good job. It is a pretty simple concept but Rich spends a good deal of time making sure everyone affiliated with PatronEdge understands and follows through with the business model.

Rich is still very active with PatronEdge. He personally tries to complete at least one review at each client each year.


Unique Business Concept

PatronEdge has been successful simply because people enjoy being part of the company. Everyone affiliated with the company does not need to be a part of PatronEdge; they choose to be a part of PatronEdge.

PatronEdge attracts evaluators and affiliates who are passionate about helping businesses be the best they can be. We have found that many people are not happy or satisfied with their current job. We have also found that people who love their job, do good work. It sounds like a simple concept, but most businesses don't embrace it the way PatronEdge does. Instead of dreading to go to your job every day, those affilated with PatronEdge look forward to the opportunies that await them.

Everyone involved with PatronEdge is not in it just for the money. Helping businesses succeed is everyone’s primary objective. Income received from our services is a nice secondary benefit. PatronEdge has created the opportunity for you to do what you love to do. It is as simple as that.

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